1. DESIGN S7 is designed for sports usage , made by waterproof material, ergonomic innovative and waterproof sweat-proof design ensures this headset is comfortable and secure for sports ,running ,jogging ,walking ,exercising etc.

2. STYLE Stylish looks and built-in Bluetooth chip with HiFi Stereo earphones ensures you could enjoy high quality stereo bass sound. Mini Portable Wireless headsets with built-in microchpone and great Noise Cancellation produces clear loud sound, convenient and easy to answer and end the phones.

3. BLUE TOOTH VERSION Bluetooth Version 4.1 supports hands-free with earhook,
Acid Eye Bluetooth Headphones In Ear Wireless Earbuds (Black)

   How to buy a Bluetooth headset   



  The most commonly chosen Bluetooth headset is called stereo headset, as one can enjoy unlimited music and audio from a video wirelessly and can receive a phone call simultaneously without missing a single bit. Audio quality, in this case, is quite better over a voice call.


Bluetooth headphones are most of the time made compact so that they cannot be noticed practically and are designed mainly for receiving and hanging up incoming and outgoing calls. Audio quality and battery backup are not so much important in that case.

These types are used by the corporate businessmen who continuously needed to conduct phone calls on roads or while communicating from home, this type of headsets are provided with the best audio quality, decent battery backup, multipoint pairing, noise cancellation, premium design and comfortable. Some pro headsets can be connected to both PCs and mobiles to work as a remote communication system.

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How to buy a Bluetooth headset

In our modern day life, Bluetooth headset neckband has become a useful and portable gadget that everyone wants to get, due to its wireless and hands-free portability along with great functioanlities. A Bluetooth headset can be used in multiple ways. It depends on a person for which purpose he/she wants to buy it. One can use it for only chat and telecommunication purpose, one can use it for only multimedia purpose or one can use it for both the purposes.            

                                  How to choose a good headset
Depending on how when where to use, Bluetooth headsets are designed in a variety of shape and size. Based on the place of chatting mainly a noisy work site, office cubicle, busy city streets, during driving, hotels and restaurants, gymnasium, all of these must need a device with great performance especially noise cancellation facility. This will help in choosing the best one without any problem.

                                                      Preferable designs
  Various designs are there to meet the needs of the buyer. Some are called Bluetooth headphones, which is big and bulky but provides the best audio quality possible along with big external earpieces. Some are designed for being extremely comfortable and can be used for the whole day in a workplace. Some are designed so compact that they are hard to be spotted. Few are made to accommodate the eyeglass users.

                       Features for the best headset

Noise cancellation   

The key features that are provided in modern-day Bluetooth headset is the dual microphone for noise cancellation . The secondary microphone provided prevents the unwanted sound like wind, noisy vehicle during any call or audio recording. Some headsets are creating innovations by implanting a triple microphone for supplying better quality than the double do.

Multipoint pairing    

By this a single headset can be connected to two or more devices at a time. When a call comes in, the Bluetooth headset automatically knows which one is ringing and gets connected to the right one.

Audio quality    

The best possible audio that can be provided is the HD audio-quality. it means that an HD device can receive, transmit and reproduce audio at the 16KHz frequency. It results in better clearer and cleaner sound under ideal conditions. Also some headsets come with the latest sound drivers for better audio ouputs.
NFC or Near Field Communication   

This feature has now commonly used in many Smartphone and Bluetooth headsets and speakers. By using NFC, it enables Bluetooth devices to establish wireless connectivity by simply touching the devices together.

In-ear fitting

Rubberized earbuds are the best tips instead of plastic ear tips as the size of ear vary from person to person. Some headsets remain outside the ears while some are built to slide inside. the premium ones provide both the fittings.

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Acid Eye Ausdom Bluetooth Headphones In Ear Wireless Earbuds (Green)

Bluetooth Headset with Mic Noise Canceling Sweatproof Wireless In-ear Headphone for Running Workout Gym Cycling | 11 Hours of Playing TimeAmazing Music Experience:wireless communication through Bluetooth 4.1 technology creates a powerful bass sound and amazing audio enjoyment .Build in Microphone & Hands free calls:Let you take calls, skip tracks and adjust the volume of your compatible device.
Acid Eye Ausdom Bluetooth Headphones In Ear Wireless Earbuds (Green)